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Marcus, Business Owner: “This work is bringing me closer to who I really am as a person. I have more self-respect, I am kinder, more empathic, I have less nightmares, and I am a better partner to my husband. I now feel like I am living my life to the fullest!”

Samantha, Retail: “Jess and hypnotherapy have helped me see my life as it can be, and turned ‘can be’ into ‘currently is’. It is a field trip for the imagination. It has helped me reframe how I talk to myself and my own body, changing how I see others and my life around me in a more positive and prolific way.”

Ashley, Customer Service: “I came to Jessicah with career anxiety, occasional depression, and most importantly, an all-consuming umbrella problem of digestion dysbiosis (an unhappy gut) that was sending me down a spiral wherein which I saw no end. I was nervous about what hypnotherapy actually was but willing to try anything. Jessicah gently introduced me to the practice, assuring me I wouldn’t be put into some catatonic state for her to make cluck like a chicken.”

Christopher, Physician: “Jessicah’s methods have done more for me than talk therapy ever could and has allowed my stale, unhappy psyche to open up and see with new eyes again. I recommend hypnotherapy to anyone that needs a wakeup call to their inner voice. I will be practicing hypnotherapy for the rest of my life.”


Jordan, Actor: “You can tell she has done all of this work on herself and is incredibly honest in sharing her experience which has made me feel a lot less alone and weird on this journey.”


Mayra, Homemaker: “Working with Jess has been one of the most transformative and incredible experiences in my life. She never gives less than 100% of her attention and love and is gentle and patient when finding out what it is that I’m trying to work through.”


David, Computer Programer: I never doubt for one second that Jess loves and cares for me and that unconditional love has allowed me to open up and express thoughts and emotions I hadn’t been able to before and this has really surprised me. Paired with this loving presence, she uses a very efficient and analytically rigorous methodology that has helped me delve deep in my self analysis throughout and beyond our sessions. I couldn’t recommend working with Jess more strongly!”


Lili, Actor/Business Owner: “Jessicah has created a method to become more emotionally available (allow emotions to come up in your acting and be able to tune into them on cue). The experience was absolutely groundbreaking. I now feel like I have a whole new approach to acting and accessing my true self in my work which is far superior than any other methods I have used in the past (substitution, imagination, etc. which all rarely work more than once). Once I understand the scene, it’s simply about being in my body, and emotionally present. Needless to say, I am so excited to work on my next project!”