I’m Happy You’re Here!

I am dedicated to helping you create Happiness, Health, & Harmony

in your life and relationships.


Through my training as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

(neuro linguistic programing), I’ve been able to help countless people move from pain into prosperity, loneliness into love, and hopelessness into healing.


Book your free consultation today!

Each is available via Facetime / Zoom / Skype

In-Person (Southern California local) $30 extra fee

Meet & Greet – Complimentary 20 mins

A brief consultation before our first full session to comfirm for both of us that we are comfortable working together.

Emotional Release $45 – 30 mins

During this mini session, you’ll share what’s urgently on your mind. I’ll analyze and offer immediate strategies and assistance with the situation.

Full session – $150 for 55 minutes

Past Life Progression – $175 / hr (min 2 hours)

Working with the power of your subconscious (which is infinite and connected to your past, present, and future), we’ll release habits, pain, or relationships from old karma so you can have a new experience without the baggage.

Akashic Record: $200 / hr (min 2 hours)

In Sanskrit, Akashic means “sky” or “space” and the Records are believed to hold the chronicles of every thought, action, and emotion of human existence— past, present, and future. Using the Records, we can find deep meaning in this life, your true calling, and cosmic relationships.